Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Does a Baby Fit In? Nowhere.

Where does a baby fit into my life? Nowhere, that's where. Here is a brief summary of my day today, which is a fairly typical Wednesday:

5:45 A.M.: Wake up. Tiptoe quietly downstairs and change, brush my teeth, etc.
6:15 A.M.: Go out to run. I'm training for a half marathon. Today's run was pretty short in the scheme of things, only 3.5 miles.
7:15 A.M.: Return home and fix breakfast.
7:45 A.M.: Shower and dress for work.
8:15 A.M.: Leave for work. Read the news on the train.
8:45 A.M.: Arrive at work. Work all day long. Lunch at my desk. As my habitual readers know, I'm a lawyer, and I usually have to work at least as many hours as I did today.
7 P.M.: Leave to go home. I like to read on the train but oftentimes, I have to bring more work to do (this is the reality of big firms and billable hour targets).
7:30 P.M.: Arrive home. Dinner with my husband. Our Wednesday dinners are a sacred tradition, going back to when we first started dating nearly three and a half years ago. Even if we had a child, we would never give this up. We always have dinner together, alone, on Wednesdays. It's our weekly time for one another. Usually we go out, but tonight we're eating at home.
9 or so P.M.: Catch up on some laundry while we watch TV and grab a couple of hours to ourselves.
10:30 P.M.: Pass out -- I've got to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to train. After 7 hours of sleep, it will all begin again.

Where the heck does a child fit in here? As I try to juggle work, running and my marriage, I often feel like I don't even have time for myself, much less someone else. If I had a couple extra hours in my day I'd spend it reading in a quiet place, not taking care of a screaming baby.

So I have to conclude that the answer is: nowhere.


Sarah said...

I like how a "pretty short" run is 3.5 miles. Most people freeze up when contemplating running a fraction of that. You should hear the gasps from the receptionists at my Weight Watchers meetings when I say I had a 10-mile run and it "felt great."

Good luck on the half...I did mine on Sunday and set a new PR. Now, full speed ahead to a full marathon!

Jennifer said...

I certainly see how you have nowhere for a baby. I don't do half that and a baby wouldn't fit into my life. I am happily childfree. Welcome back missed your posts.


pamelli said...

So true. So smart. So childfree. :-)

Childfreeeee said...

As the people with kids say, if you had a kid you would "just make it work". That means you would do all the above while simultaneously taking care of a child. Either that, or you would give up all of the above to instead take care of the kid.