Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Life at the Beach

After 9 years in the city, my husband and I are thinking of moving to Long Beach next year. The real estate out there is crazy cheap (I'm almost hesitant to post about it on this blog, because my big fear is that everyone's going to discover it sometime in the next couple of years and then prices will skyrocket). But right now, it's totally within our price range.

We could live right on the beach in a small apartment that's not a far commute from our jobs in the city at all. The places we're thinking of buying look something like this: (the first picture is the building and the second is what the apartment looks like inside...)

Later on, probably by the time I'm 35 or so, we'll be able to move to a crazy condo like this one...

The amazing thing about being childfree is that we can just pick up and do this. We have the money to actually buy an apartment, and later a house, that is basically in the dunes. And we have the freedom to make this decision without worrying about schools or daycare or how good the neighborhood is for kids or any of that. If we had kids, there is no way we'd be buying a place on the beach. We'd be moving to Main Street, Suburbia, USA, and I'd have to become a soccer mom and shoot myself.

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bridget said...

just found your blog. you're so funny.