Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What Would I Wear With a Pink Suede Belt, Anyway?

I've been somewhat absent from the blogosphere lately, due to a lot of summer traveling and concentrating on work in between, but I haven't forgotten my childfree friends and I thought you all would appreciate a great quote from the book I'm currently reading, Why Don't You Have Kids?: Living a Full Life Without Parenthood.

I'll be doing a full review of this book at some point after I'm done, but last night I read a passage that was so great I picked up a pen and underlined it, which I do very rarely. The section was on the myth of the "biological clock," and why women seem to suddenly get motivated to have kids when they never were before, simply because "time is running out!" A contributor to the book put it this way:

"I figured, if I didn't want a baby badly enough to make it a priority before...why should I want one now simply because time is running out? It kind of reminded me of a going-out-of-business sale at a pink suede belt factory. So what? If I never wanted a pink suede belt before, why should I buy it because it won't be available tomorrow? What would I wear with a pink suede belt, anyway?"

Amen. I have never understood this reasoning myself. I don't want kids any more than I want a pink suede belt. And I don't ever plan on changing my mind just because time starts to run out.

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Mel said...

GREAT quote! Looks like that's a book I'll have to check out.