Monday, June 25, 2007


There aren't many things I love more than silence. While I adore my husband and cat, some of my favorite hours of the day are late at night after everyone else is asleep, when I have total silence in the apartment. (Of course, this occasionally happens at other times, too, but not very often; I'm not alone in our apartment very much.)

I love it when there's no other noise around me except what I choose to create myself, by typing or walking to the kitchen to get a beer or whatever. No TV, no music, no video games. I love music, but I usually choose not to put any on during those times. If I can get silence, I want that.

There is no such thing as silence with little kids around. Unless they're asleep, and then it's a "Shh, don't wake the baby!" silence, not a peaceful, self-created silence. It seems to me like most parents I know can go weeks, months, or even years without that kind of silence.

I can't. Silent alone time is one of the things I don't think I can ever give up in life. Of course I don't get to have it all the time, but most days, I get at least one or two hours of it, and I really need that.


Ashley the Historian said...

Wow...we really see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. ;-) Silence is golden!

Mo said...

I completely agree! Whenever one of my friends sends around one of those "getting to know you better" emails, it seems like one of the questions always is, "What is your favorite sound?" I always list "silence" as my answer.

I love my quiet house!