Thursday, June 28, 2007

True Confessions

I've seen a lot of tongue-wagging on childfree sites recently about True Mom Confessions and True Dad Confessions. Of course, as soon as I heard these web sites existed, I had to check them out for myself.

I actually found True Dad Confessions the more disturbing of the two. While of course, as I was reading True Mom Confessions, I thought many times, "Thank God that's not me," I found myself thinking with even more vehemence as I read True Dad Confessions: "Thank GOD that is not, and will never be, my husband."

Most of the dads' confessions were complaints about their wives, not their children -- everything from "I just don't feel the spark anymore" to "My wife has turned into a nagging bitch ever since we had our kids." Why don't these men just leave their wives if they resent them so much? Three guesses.

I don't ever envision things going sour between my husband and me. But at least I have the consolation of knowing that if -- God forbid -- they ever did, he would be able to leave me. He will never have to silently resent me, or post anonymous confessions on some sad web site. And as long as he's still with me, I know that it's because he wants to be. I will never have to wonder if he's staying with me "for the kids."

Thank God for that.

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Amber said...

Hi everybody,

Came to important decision, not to have children, feeling bit dazed by decision, so came on line for some advice and maybe support, from you more confident childfree bloggers. I mean parenthood is so much part of our consciousness as people and society. Without it, who am I. I make a new Idenity now? I have a number of reasons to not parent. Won't go into here. Does anyone have some advice for me. Would be apprepricated. Thanks