Monday, September 3, 2007

Building the Pitt-Jolie Nation

Today's news from the world of celebrity gossip: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ready for another child.

I generally try not to use this space to rip on other people for having children and I won't do it now, especially because I think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are probably better equipped in many ways to handle five children than most parents would be (and, for the most part, have not been contributing to the problem of overpopulation.) What did strike me in this article, though, was Brad Pitt's commentary on fatherhood:

"It's the most fun I've ever had and also the biggest pain ... I've ever experienced," he said when asked what it was like to become a family with four children in a short space of time. "I love it and can't recommend it any more highly -- although sleep is nonexistent."

Having four small children "makes me much more efficient because when I work, I really have to focus. I know I've less time to get things done. Actually, I'm quite pleased by it," said Pitt.

Hmm. While I hope for his sake that Brad is sincere, I have to say this sounds to me like a big fat case of rationalization. As in, "I can't change this lifestyle I've chosen, so it is now time for me to convince myself it's great by making arguments in its favor that make no sense."

He can't help admitting that he gets no sleep and has no free time, so he tries to find a way to turn these into pros when discussing fatherhood. But on the actual "pro" side, he can't really offer anything concrete except to swear up and down that he loves it, and everyone should do it.

Sounds a lot like most parents we all know, I'd wager. Now let's all say a little prayer of thanks that we'll never have to make up this kind of B.S. to defend our lifestyle choices.

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Diya said...

5th kid !! I wonder UN should stop lecturing about global warming. When 5 kids grow up, they will rape earth scarce resources.

Highly impossible, but the need of hour is 0% population growth. Money should be spended in improving the existing population by giving them better educational opportunities.